Justin Bieber declares that he has a fatal disease

blank - Justin Bieber declares that he has a fatal disease
Justin BIeber (Reuters)

Shocking new news from the beginning of 2020 about one of the most famous art in the world.
The famous American singer Justin Bieber announced that he suffers from “Lyme disease”, which is one of the diseases that medicine has not yet discovered a complete treatment for its complications, as the patient may eventually reach for inflammation of the brain membranes, memory disorder, and finally death.

The surprising news was announced last Wednesday on the Justin Bieber personal page on Instagram, where the American star stated, “While many continued to say that I look addicted to meth dope, these people failed to realize that I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only this but I also suffer from an injury Chronic with mononucleosis, which affects my skin, brain functions, my ability to make an effort, and in general my health.

“These things will be further clarified in a series of videos that I will soon put on YouTube. You can know what I am facing and skip. It was a tough two years, but I have the right care that will help in treating this disease which is so far an incurable disease, I will return.” I will be better than ever. ”

It is mentioned that “Lyme disease” is a bacterial disease that is usually infected by the bites of some insects that spread in green lands and in forests, and with increasing speed of climate change, infection becomes more common.

Initially, the patient develops itching and redness at the site of the bite, such as the bite of any other insect, but if treatment is not done properly, other symptoms appear a month after the injury, as the infection is transmitted to the joints, lung, heart, and finally the membranes surrounding the brain, which leads to chronic pain in Joints, inflammation of the brain membranes, and memory disorder.

As for the disease “mononucleosis”, it is a viral disease that usually affects young people and is transmitted through saliva. Its symptoms include chronic fatigue, muscle pain, chronic headache and the appearance of skin spots.

Justin Bieber’s announcement of his illness came after he released his new song, “Yami,” his first video song in four years.

The reactions to this shocking news were mixed, as Bieber was bullied by some as a result of not knowing about Lyme disease and its symptoms and complications, which prompted his wife to say, “For those who are trying to reduce the severity of Lyme disease, I hope you look more and listen to the stories of people who have suffered from it for years, mocking and minimizing a disease that you do not understand is certainly not the right way, all it takes is that you teach yourself a little. ”

On the other hand, some have supported “Justin Bieber” in his ordeal, including the famous Canadian singer “Avril Lavigne”, one of those with Lyme disease before, who wrote on her official account on Twitter a support tweet for Justin Bieber and his wife saying “very sad to hear that Justin Bieber” I have to go through this disease, in fact, it is a disease that is difficult to diagnose and is very exhausting. I have experienced this suffering as well. ”

Thus, a new day of 2020 passes with another sad news, and music audiences all over the world are looking forward to the results of the “Justin Bieber” struggle with the disease … The miracle child who became one of the famous singers in the world, and he is not yet 16 years old, then He was afflicted with this serious disease when he was young.

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