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Kitchen Sponge Holder

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Beautiful home means beautiful life, you should always work to make your home clean and looking good.

To help you in this mission, today on CLSBuzz we will show you the top 10 products you can buy for your home and make it good & easy to use.

1. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light.

Hatch Baby - Top 5 Cheap & Awesome Home Products

Promising review: “This is my first ever Amazon review, but I loved this product so much that I felt I had to share my experience! I bought this out of sheer desperation simply for the “ok to wake” function. My 18 month old had been waking between 5 and 6am for over 6 months, and literally nothing I did helped him sleep any later. We already had a cheap white noise machine, so when I first heard of this product, I balked at the price, thinking I didn’t need it for the other features. I first purchased a cheaper “ok to wake” product, but found it difficult to operate, and poorly designed and made. I finally purchased the Hatch Rest, thinking if it didn’t work out, at least Amazon would let me return it.

Now, I had serious doubts about my 18 month old’s ability to understand and abide by the “ok to wake” concept. But mom needs a little time to herself in the morning, so I was willing to give it a shot despite my reservations. The beauty of this product is the app and Bluetooth capability. I set the clock for 6am the first night and told my son that when the light turned green in the morning, he could get up for the day. For the record, my 18 month old can only say about 10 words… but he seems to comprehend a lot. The next morning, he woke at 5:30. I wasn’t about to let him cry for 30 long minutes, so I opened the app, changed the wake up time to 5:35, and then when the light turned on, went into his room and did a big dramatic wake up. I said, “look, your light is green, that means it’s time to wake up!” I then turned on the lights, threw open the curtains… made a big deal of it. Over the next few days, I gradually set the clock back little by little, and he started sleeping a little later each day. After a week, I was able to set the clock to 7:30 (my ideal wake up time for him). He woke the first few days a little earlier, and I would just tell him through the baby monitor talk function that his light wasn’t green, and I kid you not— he laid down and went back to sleep until the light came on. Now if he wakes a few minutes early, he just plays in his crib and waits for the light. I can’t believe that this worked, but it did. And now I feel like I have to spread the word!

I actually loved this so much, that I bought a 2nd one for my 3 year old. He loves it. He plays in his room until his light comes on at 7:30, and also stays in his room to play or look at books during “quiet time” in the afternoon. He loves choosing a nightlight color and sound on the app every night. I truly cannot say enough positive things about this product… try it!” – MagsMayers.

You can Get it from Amazon for $53,98 Here

2. 3D Colorful Butterfly Wall Stickers.

81IV4yE8KvL. AC SX425  - Top 5 Cheap & Awesome Home Products

Promising review: “ These are adorable!!! They have a magnet attached to the back of the body, but they also come with these sticky backings you can put on them. I bought two different packs of butterflies (these, and another one linked at the end of this review) and they were both great and I would recommend them equally.

I bought them to use on a Lady Gaga concert outfit. I used the sticky backings to make them stick to the mesh skirt I bought (link at the end). By the end of the concert, my friend and I had a bit of a butterfly graveyard at our feet, BUT these weren’t made to be stuck on mesh skirts, so I don’t think that’s anything negative on the product. For the top of my outfit (I bought two mesh tops and now can’t remember which one I ended up using, so sorry—no link), I used the butterflies but attached them with small magnets (link at the end) and these worked perfectly and stayed on the whole night.

I used the leftover butterflies on other magnetic things throughout my apartment and they’ve stuck very well! Highly recommend and would definitely purchase for a project again.J.P

You can Get it from Amazon for $9,90 Here

3. Kitchen Sponge Holder.

Kitchen Sponge Holder - Top 5 Cheap & Awesome Home Products

Promising review: “It may sound silly that something this small and simple should make me so happy – but it does, every day, and many times a day. I was so sick and tired of those dumb suction cups always giving way and things dropping into the sink. This basket is PERFECT!!!!! It’s out of the way and leaves plenty of room for working in the sink. It has plenty of room for sponge, sink stopper, and scrub and nail brushes, with room to spare – AND DOESN’T FALL DOWN!!!! Oh, the actually opening of the bracket is 1-17/32″. My sink divider is 1-9/32″. The basket holds tight because the brace on the other side is bent inward slightly and provides tension. So the basket moves easily when you want it to, but doesn’t easily slide around when you don’t.Raina.

You Can Get it from Amazon for $10,99 Here.

4. Mop and Broom Holder.

Mop and Broom Holder - Top 5 Cheap & Awesome Home Products

Promising review: “The wall mounted holder works well, nothing slides down (so far) and the storage seems secure. My only suggestion to make this a 5-star product would be to have a small tab to push up the spring mounted arms that hold your items in place. I don’t have an issue loading or unloading a handle, but my Wife does. She complains that the springs are too strong (but they need to be). She can get things out of the organizer but leaves me to put them back 🙂 . Rather than use the supplied hardware I used wallboard anchors that are a bit more substantial. With six of these holding up the Mop and Broom holder, it’s not going anywhere. We purchased two organizers: one to mount one behind the door to the laundry/mud room for mops, booms, a hardwood floor sweeper and a yard stick. The second will go in my garage to store a broom, scrub brush, paint roller handles and a push-broom. It’s difficult to see it on the product photos on Amazon but there are also six flip down hooks, they aren’t heavy duty but rather a nice place to hang light-weight items. If you are looking for a way to get similar items off your floors and out of corners, this has item has met my expectations and then some.Mongo Man.

You Can Get it from Amazon for $12,99 Here.

5. Closet Storage Organizer with Bins and Shelving.

Closet Storage Organizer with Bins and Shelving - Top 5 Cheap & Awesome Home Products
Amazon – Brittany’s review

Promising review: “This is actually pretty well made and easy to put together-took me about 15 min by myself. My problem is that the storage boxes don’t fit correctly. Either they are leaning backwards or forwards, not straight. It’s due to the poles distance from each other; the boxes are not long enough to sit on both poles, it can only sit on one or the other so it leans depending on which pole it sits on. As seen in the photo, that’s them leaning forward because they’re sitting on the pole in the back. Also, every shelf bows in the middle because it’s not tight.. If it wasn’t for those things then it would be 5 stars for sure. If that doesn’t bug you then I say go for it!Brittany

You Can Get it from Amazon for $21,00 Here.

So, enjoy.

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