Trump: Soleimani planned to bomb the US embassy, so we killed him

blank - Trump: Soleimani planned to bomb the US embassy, so we killed him

US President Donald Trump said that the United States killed the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani and those with him, partly because they were looking to bomb the American embassy in Baghdad.

Trump added that his country also carried out the strike due to a missile attack on a US military base in Iraq by an Iranian-backed armed group last December, which killed an American contractor.

He continued, “We dealt with Soleimani quickly, so that what happened to the American consulate in Benghazi,” Libyan, not referring to the arrival of a contact through which Soleimani was located, “We had to take a decision, and we did not have time to contact (Speaker of the Democratic House of Representatives Nancy) Pelosi.”

He said, “The Iranians bombed our military bases and no one was killed or injured, so I did nothing even though I was ready to respond,” stressing that he saved everyone from a great war, and that he “will not stop working to eliminate terrorism and Islamic extremism.”

Commenting on the work of the administration of his predecessor, President Barack Obama, Trump said it had worked for 8 years to strengthen the Iranian regime, noting that the nuclear agreement had strengthened Iranian attacks.

Trump wrote to members of the Democratic Party, saying that they wanted to “tell them what we are doing to leak what we intend to do to the media,” adding that “the Democrats are expressing their anger towards ending the life of the terrorist Qassem Soleimani.”

  • Attacks against Iran

Trump’s comments came after the US House of Representatives passed a resolution to limit the president’s ability to launch attacks against Iran.

The House, which is dominated by Democrats, approved the activation of the War Powers Act, with the approval of 224 members, against 194, which it transmits to the Senate.

Democrats accused Trump of acting awkwardly and supported the decision, while members of Trump’s Republican Party who rarely vote in opposition to the president’s decisions opposed it.

The White House commented on the decision, saying it was trying to hinder the president’s authority to protect the country and its interests in the region, saying that the decision “undermines the country’s ability to avoid terrorist acts by Iran.”

In a related context, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard confirmed that the next steps in responding to the Americans would be through what he called the resistance front.

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ Air Force, Major General Ali Haji Zadeh, said targeting the Ein al-Assad base is the beginning of a larger operation that will continue throughout the region.

Haji Zadeh added in a press conference that a number of American forces personnel were killed during the operation, although the goal was not to kill Americans, but rather to target military installations in the region.

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